Elizabeth Ward ’15

elizabeth wardAs a freshman in the 100-level Latin course, Dr. Drogula was able to figure out each students’ personality and structured the class to complement each of our needs. Because the courses are fairly small, it was nice to make the transition to my sophomore year Latin class with students I had already developed a relationship with. It is comforting to walk into class on the first day of a semester knowing you will know the students who are in the class with you.

The Classics courses offer a supplement to reinforce many of the topics taught during freshman year Civ. During the month of May, PC also offers specific Maymester courses, one of which usually offers the opportunity to go abroad. This was an incredible experience because the course allowed me to experience what it is to travel abroad and see European sites. The course, Roman Britain and Early Christian Ireland, integrated my love for ancient topics and my Catholic faith. I was able to walk through Aquae Sulis; walk across Hadrian’s Wall, one of the Roman’s defensive walls in northern England that I had learned about in Civ; translated ancient tombs that we had been practicing translating during Latin class; and climb the 600 stairs built into the Skelligs off the coast of Ireland to pray in the beehive hunts of an Irish monastery. There are so many classical influences still prevalent in our lives today, why wouldn’t you want to learn about and unravel these ancient mysteries?